Welcome to the Vermont Veteran Services Directory

Our directory lists the benefits and services available to veterans and their families in Vermont. Although this site is maintained by the State of Vermont’s Office of Veterans Affairs, the purpose of the directory is to provide you information on what is available in our state regardless of the provider. The directory consolidates information from many different federal, state, and private organizations so you will have an easier time figuring out what will work best for you.


You won't find a lot of pictures, video clips or other unnecessary items. We realize that veteran issues are complicated enough. We want this site to be easy to read, easy to navigate, and easy to find what you need.


To the left is our main menu, which you can use to navigate the site. We put every benefit and service in four broad categories… Healthcare, Benefits, Transitions, and Special Groups.


At the top is another that lets you connect with the State of Vermont's main website and the Military, Family, and Community Network.  It also features a search function, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just type in a keyword or two in the search field and let it do the work for you.  Finally, it gives you an opportunity to provide feedback to improve the site.