Tax Exemptions for Veterans

Does Vermont have a Property Tax Reduction for Veterans?

Yes for some disabled veterans and families. The following are eligible for the exemption:

The exemption level varies from town to town. State law mandates a minimum $10,000 exemption, although towns are given the option of increasing the exemption to $40,000. The exemption reduces the appraised value of the home prior to the assessment of taxes. For example: An eligible veteran lives in a home valued at $200,000. The veteran’s town provides a $20,000 exemption. The veteran’s home will be taxed at $180,000. Veterans who would like to have their town increase their exemption must go through their town’s local procedures for having a measure placed on an election ballot for town voters to consider.


The exemption only applies to homes that are owned by the veteran or survivor.  Veterans or survivors who rent their homes can not pass this exemption on to their landlord.


To receive the exemption, the veteran must provide proof of eligibility to the Vermont Office of Veterans Affairs. Most veterans will have to provide proof of eligibility every year before May 1st. Veterans who are determined to be totally and permanently disabled only have to provide proof of eligibility the first year they use the benefit for a home (if they move to a new home in a different town, they will have to provide proof of eligibility again). They also must provide proof of eligibility by May 1st.


Proof of eligibility is provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Our recommendation is to call the VA no later than April 1st to request this documentation.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits     (800) 827-1000

Does Vermont Exempt Military Retirement Pay from State Income Tax?

No. Military retirement pay is not exempt from state income taxes.

Does Vermont Waive Department of Motor Vehicle Fees to Veterans?

Yes for specific disabled veterans. The exemptions are only provided to disabled veterans who have had their vehicle modified to accommodate their disability and this accommodation was paid for by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans who meet these criteria are exempt from vehicle sales tax, registration fees, and license fees. All other veterans are not exempt, including veterans who may be 100% disabled. For more information, contact the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles.

Department of Motor Vehicles     (802) 828-2000