Military Retirees

Below is information relevant for Military Retirees living in Vermont

Where Can I Find Information About Healthcare for Military Retirees?

See our TRICARE page for information about health benefits for military retirees.

Who Do I Contact to Answer Questions About My Military Retirement Pay

Contact the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

Defense Finance and Accounting Service     (800) 321-1080

Where Can I Get a Military ID Card?

You can get military ID Cards from the following locations in and around Vermont. Make sure to call first to get their hours of operation, as not all locations are open full time.

Colchester     (802) 338-3135

South Burlington     (802) 660-5225

White River Junction     (802) 295-0050

Chicopee, MA     (508) 968-4180

Latham, NY     (518) 786-4406

I’m a Military Retiree and Disabled Veteran. How Are My Monthly Payments Affected?

The Department of Defense has two programs that reduce the reduction in retired pay due to receipt of Disability Compensation for some disabled retirees. To find out how this may affect you, visit DefenseLink