Veteran Service Organizations

Why Should I Join a Veteran Service Organization?

Vermont has numerous service organizations that provide veterans with benefits and services, camaraderie with fellow veterans, and opportunities to serve their communities. Just as importantly, many of the benefits enjoyed by veterans are a result of the political activity of veteran organizations. By becoming a member of a service organization, especially if you are willing to be active and speak up on veterans’ issues, you help ensure veterans are a priority for our elected representatives.

What Organizations Operate in Vermont?

There are over 70 independent organizations operating in Vermont, with the four largest organizations listed below. The American Legion and the VFW alone operate over 100 posts in Vermont that provide entertainment and community activities for veterans and their families. A more complete list is available from the Vermont Office of Veterans Affairs.

The American Legion     (802) 223-7131

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)     (802) 223-5368

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)     (802) 296-5167

Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)     (802) 447-0407

Can These Organizations Help Me?

Yes. Here are some of the ways these organizations help Veterans in Vermont

Service Officer Assistance

Veterans can get help applying for VA benefits from service officers employed by veteran organizations. The first three below work at the White River Junction VA Regional Benefits Office. They will help any veteran with their applications.

American Legion Veteran Service Officer (Office at White River Junction)     (802) 296-5166

Disabled American Veterans Veteran Service Officer (Office at White River Junction)     (802) 296-5167

Veterans of Foreign Wars Veteran Service Officer (Office at White River Junction)     (802) 296-5168

Vietnam Veterans of America (Various Locations Statewide)     (603) 283-3164

DAV Transportation Network

Volunteers in this network pick up veterans in their local area and takes them to VA facilities for medical appointments. Call the number below to get in touch with the transportation coordinator in your area.

DAV Transportation Network     (866) 687-8387 x5394