Employment Assistance

Is There Anyone Who Helps Veterans Find Work?

Yes. The Vermont Department of Labor has Local Veterans Employment Representatives (LVERs) at their Career Resource Centers to help veterans find work. They can also help with job training. If you’re a veteran looking for work, call the LVER closest to you. For a roster of LVERs with names and email addresses, visit the VT DOL Website.

Bennington Resource Center     (802) 447-2865

Brattelboro Resource Center     (802) 254-4555

Burlington Resource Center     (802) 652-0339

Burlington Resource Center     (802) 865-1306

Middlebury Resource Center     (802) 652-0339

Morrisville Resource Center     (802) 888-1318

Rutland Resource Center     (802) 786-8836

St. Albans Resource Center     (802) 865-1306

Springfield Resource Center     (802) 885-8898

What Programs Are Available to Help Disabled Veterans Find Work

The Vermont Department of Labor operates two programs that are especially useful for helping disabled veterans find work.

Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP)

The DVOP works hand-in-hand with the LVER program listed above. The difference is that these employment representatives focus on helping disabled veterans. Disabled veterans looking for work or job training should contact the DVOP closest to them. For a roster of DVOPs with names and email addresses, visit the VT DOL Website.

Burlington Resource Center     (802) 652-0338

Barre Resource Center     (802) 476-2601

Newport Resource Center     (802) 334-3301

St. Johnsbury Resource Center     (802) 748-4954

White River Junction Resource Center     (802) 295-8805

Disability Program Navigator

This program is available to all Vermonters with disabilities, not just veterans. The goal of the program is to increase employment and self-sufficiency for persons with disabilities. They do a great job of bridging the gaps between government programs, employers, and their clients. For a roster of Navigator names with email addresses, visit the VT DOL Website.

Barre/Burlington/Middlebury     (802) 951-4092

St. Albans/Champlain Islands/Morrisville     (802) 524-4865

St. Johnsbury/Newport/Northeast Kingdom     (802) 751-3291

Bellows Falls/Brattleboro/Springfield     (802) 885-1411

Rutland/Bennington     (802) 786-8887