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A Healthcare for Recent Combat Veterans

If you’re a veteran just returned from a combat theater in support of the Global War on Terror, here’s the most important message in this entire website:

Enroll Immediately for VA Healthcare

Veterans returning from a combat theater are guaranteed five years of healthcare from the VA, regardless of their income or presence of disability. Failure to enroll before this five year deadline could limit your eligibility for future VA healthcare.

Is Assistance Available to Help Me Get Enrolled?

Yes.  If you would like help enrolling, the OEF/OIF Program Manager at the White River Junction VA Medical Center can help recently separated combat veterans navigate the complex VA healthcare system.

  • OEF/OIF Program Manager - White River Junction VA Medical Center     (802) 295-9363
  • Toll Free     (866) 687-8387 Extension x5269

How Can I Find Out if I'm Still Eligible?

Call the Eligibility office at the White River Junction VA Medical Center and tell them you’re a combat veteran who’d like to enroll for healthcare.

  • Healthcare Eligibility - White River Junction VA Medical Center - (802) 295-9363
  • Toll Free - (866) 687-8387 Extension x6281