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Mortuary and Burial Benefits

Does Vermont have a Veterans Cemetery?

Yes. The State of Vermont operates the Vermont Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Randolph Center. The cemetery provides an eternal resting place for veterans, their spouses, and some dependents. The cemetery has a non-denominational chapel that is available for services.

Veterans who are interred at the cemetery receive perpetual care of their lot, a marker, and funeral honors free of charge. Spouses who are interred at the cemetery receive perpetual care of their lot and a marker for a nominal charge. Veterans also have the option of having their own stone made, as the cemetery has a commercial monument section. These stones are paid for by the veteran or their family. The cemetery also has a memorial garden, so veterans whose remains are buried at sea or scattered can still have a memorial stone.

Veterans are encouraged to pre-register with the cemetery so that they can make decisions about the type of marker they will receive and which section they would like to be laid to rest in. This also ensures that all the paperwork is complete before the time of need. Applications are made through the Vermont Office of Veterans Affairs. Information

  • Vermont Office of Veterans Affairs (In State Toll Free)     (888) 666-9844
  • Vermont Office of Veterans Affairs     (802) 828-3379

What Honors are Provided to Veterans After they Die?

Veterans don’t have to be buried in a veterans’ cemetery to receive honors. Below are honors that can be provided for veterans regardless of where they are interred.


The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides markers for veterans no matter where they are interred. Markers can be upright or flat, and they come in bronze, marble, and granite.

Burial Flag

The federal government provides burial flags free of charge. To receive a burial flag, simply take the deceased veterans discharge to the closest United States Postal Office.

Military Funeral Honors

The Vermont National Guard has a professional honor guard team that performs at more than 300 funerals each year. They are a precision team, and during their honors may perform an appropriate gun salute,  complete a flag folding ceremony,  present the flag to the next of kin, and play Taps.

  • Vermont National Guard Honor Guard Detail     (802) 338-3490

Presidential Memorial Certificate

The President of the United States issues memorial certificates to the families of deceased veterans. Visit the National Cemetery Administration’s Website for application instructions.

Are Funds Available to Assist with Funeral Arrangements?

Yes. Both the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the State of Vermont have programs to assist.

Burial Allowance

The VA provides funds to help offset burial and funeral costs for veterans. Many different factors are involved to determine the amount provided. We recommend families contact the VA directly to find out if they are eligible.

Burial of Destitute Veterans

Veterans who die destitute are guaranteed an appropriate burial by the State of Vermont. For more information, contact your local Economic Services Division Office at 1-800-479-6151. In addition, we recommend the families of destitute or low income veterans consider the Vermont Veterans Memorial Cemetery because of its quality and low cost.