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Vermont Veterans and Family Outreach

Is There Someone Who Can Help Explain to Me What is Available in Vermont?

Yes! The Vermont Veterans and Family Outreach Program was created in 2007 to help veterans and their families obtain the benefits they’ve earned through their service. Everyone on the outreach team has served in the military, and almost all of them have served in combat. They have a 24 hour resource line for crisis situations, and they operate in 12 different locations across the state. We recommend you call the outreach team member closest to you to get started.

  • 24 Hour Resource Line for Crisis Situations - (888) 607-8773
  • Bennington - (802) 310-5359
  • Berlin - (802) 399-6135
  • Colchester - (802) 338 3022
  • Enosburg Falls - (802) 399-6068
  • Jericho - (802) 310-0631
  • Montpelier - (802) 734-2282
  • Morrisville - (802) 734-2311
  • Newport - (802) 399-6250
  • Rutland - (802) 310-5334
  • Vergennes - (802) 881-6680
  • Williston - (802) 734-2123
  • Windsor - (802) 881-6232

Who Does the Outreach Team Help?

The outreach team will help any veteran. Although they actively work to contact veterans with service since 9/11/01, they will help any veteran or family member who contacts them.

What Do They Do? 

The members of the outreach team do not provide direct benefits. Instead, their specialty is in identifying potential needs and then referring veterans and families to the appropriate service providers. This includes screening veterans for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  They can also help find ways to overcome barriers to care, such as transportation to appointments. This helps limit frustration by getting people headed in the right direction the first time.

Can They Help Me with My VA Disability Claim? 

Yes and No. The outreach team may be able to help you collect the documents necessary to substantiate your claim, but the claim itself should be prepared by an accredited service officer. Below is a list of accredited service officer programs in Vermont.

  • American Legion Veteran Service Officer (Office at White River Junction) - (802) 296-5166
  • Disabled American Veterans Veteran Service Officer (Office at White River Junction) - (802) 296-5167
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Veteran Service Officer (Office at White River Junction) - (802) 296-5168
  • Vietnam Veterans of America (Various Locations Statewide) - (603) 9036-1257
  • State of Vermont Veteran Service Officer Program (Travels Statewide) - (888) 666-9844